The ’80s Power Trip


From 19th July


At Hijingo, we’ve been to the future… and the best thing about the future, is the past.

Prepare to transport yourself back in time to the 1980s, where one revolutionary bingo club stood at the centre of it all – Hijingo. This summer, for a LIMITED time only – join us for the world’s first cinematic bingo experience, in an adrenaline-fuelled journey back to – THE ‘80S POWER TRIP.

It’s Hijingo… but as you’ve never seen it before. You can enjoy Hijingo bingo, food, drinks, and prizes, but against an electric ’80s soundtrack, with a brand new bingo show – full of surprises.

Launching on Weds 19th July, and available six days a week, this will run for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on your chance to experience it.