22nd October

The Future of Bingo

Gone are the days of dimly lit bingo halls. Gone are the days of rattling ball cages and unenthusiastic bingo calls. Legs eleven, make way for bingo heaven, as there’s a new place in town – Hijingo.  

Located on the corner of Worship Street and Curtain Road in Shoreditch, Hijingo is a multi-sensory bingo experience combining state-of-the-art lighting and AV to provide you with a fully immersive game. LED lights run floor-to-ceiling moving in time with the music with a sensation not dissimilar to stepping into a video game. The world’s first ever hostless bingo show, numbers are called out by a voice of God and guests are assisted by our in-house robot dancers – the Hijingobots. Sound mad enough for you yet? 

Not only is the game out of this world, but it’s got food and drink to match! An incredible Asian-inspired street food menu boasts the likes of Korean Fried Chicken, handmade Truffle Spring Rolls, Tiger Tears Salmon, and vegan Aubergine ‘Wings’, alongside guilty pleasures such as Dirty Rice, Fries and Burgers.  

With some of London’s best mixologists, Hijingo also has an insanely good cocktail list. Twists on classics as well as totally unique blends take things to the next level. 

Everything at Hijingo is bigger, bolder, better. We can’t wait to welcome you to the future of bingo.