11th September

⚡️Hijingo: The ’80s Power Trip⚡️

Connor Smith

The ’80s were a decade of neon lights, bold fashion, and unforgettable music. It was a time when the world danced to the beat of synthesizers and embraced excess like never before. Here at Hijingo, with our multi-sensory futuristic bingo entertainment, we intorduced the world’s first cinematic journey that combined live entertainment, groundbreaking sonic effects, and captivating motion graphics to transport guests to the ultimate ’80s night.

Guests who attended were treated to an adrenaline-fuelled adventure that spanned ninety minutes of mind-blowing video and motion graphics, complemented by floor-to-ceiling LED lighting and a killer ’80s soundtrack. It was a feast for the senses, seamlessly fusing the nostalgia of the past with cutting-edge technology to create an experience that was unlike anything they had ever seen or heard.

And it was not just about the entertainment. Guests grabbed their shades, embraced the era’s excessive style, and enjoyed a night filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and exciting prizes.

Speaking of prizes, lucky winners had the chance to take home prizes that sparkled. From £250 in cash to the grand prize of a European holiday for two, there was no shortage of reasons to shout “Hijingo!” with enthusiasm.

James Gordon, Creative Director, and Co-Founder here at Hijingo, shared his excitement about the ’80s Power Trip: “After receiving an incredible response from our guests at Hijingo’s previous showcases, we were super excited to bring this high-energy power trip from the ’80s to life last summer, featuring high-tech motion graphics and powerful music – a creative experience that made you jump out of your seat, scream Hijingo, and blew your shoulder pads off!”

The ’80s Power Trip was a resounding success, capturing the spirit of the ’80s and transforming it into a modern, immersive experience. For those who attended, it was a night filled with nostalgia, fun, and the chance to win incredible prizes. Thank you to all who joined us for this unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more exciting events and adventures from Hijingo in the future.